What to Wear for Your Headshot Session in Calgary

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What to wear for your headshot session in Calgary? You'll learn outfit choices that will have you rocking your next profile pic.

Hey there, Calgary! Amanda Dams here, and let’s face it, your headshot is your digital first impression. It’s the image that pops up on LinkedIn, your company website, or even that dating app. You want it to be professional, polished, and most importantly, reflect the awesome you. But what to wear for your headshot session in Calgary? Fear not, fellow Calgarians! I’m here to spill the tea on outfit choices that will have you rocking your next profile pic.

What to Wear for Your Headshot Session in Calgary

Dress for Success (But Make it YOU!)

First things first, consider the vibe you want to project. Corporate headshot? Think clean lines, classic cuts, and a touch of personality. A crisp button-down shirt or a tailored blazer always works wonders. Remember, Calgary’s business scene leans professional but approachable, so don’t be afraid to show a hint of your unique style.

Now, for the creative entrepreneurs and artists out there! Calgary’s a hub for innovation, so let your headshot reflect that. Ditch the suit and tie for a statement piece that showcases your personal branding. A bold scarf, a layered necklace, or even a funky pair of glasses can add a touch of creative flair. Just remember, keep the rest of your outfit simple and avoid anything too distracting.


Colour Your World (Strategically)

Colour can be your secret weapon in a headshot session. Solid colours tend to photograph best, so ditch the busy patterns and neon hues. But that doesn’t mean you have to go black and white! Jewel tones like sapphire blue or emerald green can add a pop of sophistication, while lighter colours like sky blue or cream can create a more approachable vibe.

Calgary’s a city with four distinct seasons, so don’t be afraid to embrace the moment! Warmer tones like terracotta or mustard yellow are perfect for those fall foliage vibes, while cooler blues and grays can mirror the crisp winter air. Think about the overall message you want to convey and choose colours that complement your natural beauty.


Comfort is Key (Really!)

Here’s the golden rule of headshot outfits: if you feel uncomfortable, it’ll show in the pictures. That scratchy shirt you love? Leave it at home. Those brand new, stiff jeans that haven’t quite broken in yet? Not the best choice. Opt for clothes that fit well and allow you to move freely. Confidence is key in a headshot, and feeling comfortable in your own skin is the first step to nailing that winning smile.

Now, Calgary weather can be unpredictable, especially during shoulder seasons. Layers are your friend! A blazer you can easily slip on and off, or a scarf you can add or remove, gives you options during the shoot. Remember, we can always adjust lighting and backgrounds to make you look your best, but feeling confident and relaxed is the foundation for a fantastic headshot.


Pro Tip: Accessorize with Intention (Less is More!)

Accessories can elevate your headshot, but go easy on the bling. A simple necklace, a pair of classic stud earrings, or a statement watch can add a touch of personality without overwhelming the picture. For men, a well-fitting tie or a sleek pocket square can add a touch of polish.

Ladies, keep your hairstyle neat and tidy. Makeup should be natural and enhance your features without being too dramatic.

Remember, your headshot is all about YOU. When you feel confident and put-together, it shines through in the photos. So relax, have fun, and let’s capture a headshot that truly represents the amazing you!

Ready to rock your next headshot session? Contact Amanda Dams Portraits today! We’ll guide you through the entire process, from outfit selection to posing tips, and ensure you walk away with professional headshots you’ll absolutely love. Let’s create a profile picture that makes Calgary proud!

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