We’ve all been there: a resume that screams “hire me”, skills sharper than a brand new suit, but a profile pic stuck in the early 2000s. Ugh. A killer headshot can be your secret weapon, attracting epic opportunities and making you the envy of all your LinkedIn connections. But with so many amazing headshot photographers in Calgary, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. Don’t sweat it! This guide will turn you into a headshot-hunting pro, helping you find the best headshot photographer in Calgary who’ll transform your profile pic into a masterpiece (without the cheese!).


Headshot Vision

Before you dive headfirst into photographer stalking (it’s a thing!), take a sec to picture your dream headshot. Think sleek and modern with clean lines? Or maybe a timeless, classic vibe that screams “boss”? Maybe you’re a creative soul who wants a headshot with a touch of personality.

Remember, your headshot is basically your visual resume. Whether you’re a lawyer, an entrepreneur, or a tech rockstar, your image needs to project an air of professionalism that connects with your industry. Defining your vision from the get-go will lead you to photographers who specialize in styles that match your goals.



Now that you have a clearer picture (pun intended!), it’s time to hit the photographer portfolios. Skip the generalists and find someone who lives and breathes headshots. These specialists know their stuff: lighting tricks, posing hacks, and the magic of capturing genuine confidence without looking like a robot.

As you browse portfolios, keep these key things in mind:

  • Style: Does their work match your vibe? Modern, classic, or somewhere in between?
  • Quality: Are the pics sharp, well-lit, and professionally edited? No blurry nightmares here!
  • Experience: Does the portfolio showcase years of experience in the photography industry?

Consultation Conversation

Not many headshot photographers offer free consultations – a golden opportunity to chat about your headshot needs and get a feel for their personality. Think of it as a casual coffee date, but for headshots.

Here are some key questions to ask during your consultation:

  • The Headshot Experience: Walk me through a typical headshot session. Do you offer wardrobe tips or work with stylists?
  • Investment Talk: What professional products do you have, albums and/or wall art?
  • Retouching: How do you approach editing? Natural and subtle, or full-on glam?

But it’s not just about technical skills. Do you feel comfortable and relaxed with the photographer? A chill session leads to natural smiles, and those translate to headshot gold.

How to Choose the BEST Headshot Photographer in Calgary

Amanda Dams Portraits Perks

While style and connection are crucial, we go the extra mile to make your headshot experience awesome. These are sweet extras at our headshot studio in Calgary:

  • Wardrobe Help: Not everyone’s a fashion guru! We offer wardrobe consultations to help you wear the right clothing for your session.
  • Hair and Makeup Included: Feeling camera-shy? Professional hair and makeup services can boost your confidence and ensure you’re camera-ready.

These extras add up to a stress-free and pampered session, making you extra confident on headshot day.

Ready for a Headshot That Makes You Say “Wow”? Let’s Chat!

Now you’re well on your way to finding the perfect Calgary photographer. Remember, your headshot is an investment – in your career, your brand, and your professional image.

But the journey doesn’t end here. Finding the ideal headshot photographer is about finding someone who gets your vision and can translate it into a headshot that makes you look and feel like the accomplished professional you are.

Ready to ditch the embarrassing profile pic and create a headshot that screams success? At Amanda Dams Portraits, we create modern, confidence-boosting headshots that will make your online presence shine. We offer a relaxed and collaborative experience, guiding you through every step, from wardrobe selection to mastering those flattering poses. And because everyone deserves to feel fantastic, I partner with amazing stylists and hair and makeup artists to make your headshot session a breeze.

Let’s chat!